A Postal Revolution

At Purelake we work hard to think about what will make our developments unique as well as make life easier for the end user.

Our 17 storey scheme of rental apartments in Bromley was no different. We started looking at what we could offer to help the residents with deliveries and packages. Well before the pandemic we investigated postal box systems that offered more than just a simple letterbox function. During our research we were very impressed with postbox systems that offered a more interactive approach for the end user. We were impressed to find a box system that enables parcels to be delivered securely even when residents are not at home and still enable the customer to collect their package in their own building.

We purchased a MySmartbox system for this scheme. As well as offering ordinary postal boxes for each apartment it also gives the ability for larger packages to be delivered.  The latest digital technology and enhanced thief protection enables secure parcel delivery. Parcel reception is possible every day at all times if you wish so, even while on holiday. The system, located directly in the entrance area of the building, solves the problem of having to travel long distances, failed delivery attempts and the annoying queuing in the post office. Different locker sizes allow delivery of even big and bulky packages.

With internet shopping at it’s highest rate ever, people are receiving more and more packages daily. At Perigon Heights the residents have the ability to have their package stored in the parcel box for collection when convenient. This is perfect when people are not at home, but also eliminates unnecessary interaction with delivery drivers if they are at home in these current times.

We are really pleased with the system and it makes a great feature in the entrance area.