Purelake Embracing Renewable Energy!

At our  developments in Sidcup (due to launch on the 16th September) and Woolwich our ongoing commitment to a more sustainable future is coming to fruition with the installation of Air Source Heat Pumps and Solar Panels to power the requirements of these dynamic residences.

What Are Air Source Heat Pumps?
Air source heat pumps take heat from outside the property to regulate indoor temperatures. Depending on what kind is installed, they can perform heating and hot water functions, or both heating and cooling. The technology works in the same way as a fridge but in reverse. To explain further; air source heat pumps use a refrigeration system, which is composed of two coils and a compressor. Refrigerants in the coils transfer heat and release it into water or air inside the home. Some systems are fitted with a reversing valve, which allows the pump to be used for cooling, as well as heating.

Why are Air Source Heat Pumps classed as renewable energy?
Because the air (or ground, or water) is heated by the sun, the energy that heat pumps produce is still classed as ‘renewable’, even though the pump itself is powered by electricity. And since the UK now produces most of its electricity from low-carbon sources, a heat pump that works efficiently is likely to be the lowest carbon form of heating for your home.